Opening hours

Broome’s best dry cleaners

  • Open Monday to Friday, 7am to 12 noon.
  • Service window in laundromat

State of the art facilities

Our new purpose-built facilities include state of the art dry cleaning, featuring solvent-free, environmentally safe technology.

You’ll no longer have to put up with the inconvenience, timeframe and cost of posting your Dry Cleaning down to Perth – and you can be assured that no harm will come to people or the environment from having your clothes looking their best.

We offer a fast turn around and our prices are comparable to Perth.  Our technically advanced system sends you an SMS to let you know your garment is ready as soon as we have finished it.

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Aquatex Dry Cleaning

Aquatex is an environmentally safe cleaning system which is gentle on the planet as well as on your clothes and your skin. Garments are left smelling clean and fresh with no chemical odour.

Aquatex detergents have a pH lower than 7 which makes them mildly acidic. This is in contrast to traditional detergents which are highly alkalinewith a pH above 10, and contain phosphates which cause havoc in our waterways and river systems.

Aquatex detergents exceed all biodegradability regulations and do not contains harmful phosphates. They are safe for operators, customers and the environment.

Dry Cleaning Services

We can look after just about anything:

  • Business shirts pressing service
  • Suits
  • Evening gowns
  • Race day attire
  • Dance outfits
  • Construction work wear inc. high vis Curtains
  • Doonas, blankets, bedspreads
  • General laundry wash, dry & fold

Bridal Services

Before your Wedding Day

  • We can get you ready for your big day – steam your dress
  • Steam bridesmaid and flower girl dresses
  • Press groom and groomsmen outfits

After your Wedding Day

Yes, we can clean Wedding Dresses – come and speak to our expert Marion with more than 20 years dry cleaning experience.