Pearl Sea Commercial Laundry, as the only large scale commercial laundry in the Kimberley, offer a comprehensive and professional laundry service to a wide range of corporate clients.

  • 4 and 5 star resorts
  • Building and mining camps
  • Charter boats
  • Rig tenders
  • Aged care
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Restaurants

All our clients share a common need for a high quality laundry service.

Operating an onsite laundry in the Kimberley region has its own unique challenges. We can offer you a more cost effective solution to operating a laundry onsite and dealing with the issues and higher costs that can accompany this.

Sending your laundry to us will enable you to streamline your linen handling procedures onsite.

Why Choose Us?

Allowing us to process your laundry will either reduce your current transport costs or reduce onsite handling time, costs and wages.

We use technology that has reduced our water and power consumption by around 40% while also reducing our carbon footprint. This technology is endorsed and used by the Water Corporation. These savings are passed on to you – the customer.

We take pride in providing a linen service that is equal if not better than a Perth based service and look forward to doing business with you in Broome.

We are a Kimberley owned and operated business that employs local indigenous people along with other permanent Broome residents and we provide training programs for all local staff.