Pearl Sea Commercial Laundry Service are committed to providing a professional laundry service to all clientele and pride ourselves on delivering:

  • High quality, efficient and reliable service
  • No loss or mix-up of linen
  • On time processing and delivery
  • Extended linen life
  • A flexible operation tailored to suit your needs
  • Reduced water consumption technology endorsed and used by the Water Corporation

Our goal is to always serve our family of customers effectively and efficiently.

At Pearl Sea Commercial Laundry we strive to provide a consistent personalised service at all times.

We operate a flexible operation which is designed to service the needs of our customers and give them peace of mind. Our commitment is to provide each and every customer with full support and the finest quality service in the industry.

Our record on service and quality

With over 12 years experience operating in the Kimberley, we have perfected our laundry processes and systems to provide exceptional cleaning and a consistantly reliable service while extending the life of your linen. Our on time delivery record has been 100% for more than 10 years.

Pearl Sea Industrial Laundry Broome Kimberley

Our on time delivery record has been 100% for more than 10 years.